February 12, 2013

Lake Duminagat - The Hidden Treasure of Mount Malindang

Lake Duminagat is believed to be an ancient crater of an extinct volcano Mount Malindang. It is located between Barangay Lake Duminagat and Barangay Gandawan, which is part of the municipality of Don Victoriano province of Misamis Occidental. It is one of the favored destination to some local tourist especially mountain climbing enthusiast from Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur, Misamis Occidental and as far as Misamis Oriental and Bukidnon. Lake Duminagat is not so known until the early 2000’s when hiking clubs from Oroquieta and Ozamiz promoted the magnificent atmosphere the lake can afford to offer.

Lake Duminagat cuddled by the mountain mist.

Countless hiking aficionado are attracted by its natural wonders and pristine beauty brought by the fresh and cozy environment. It is situated at an elevation of 4,068 feet to 5,118 feet above sea level. Lake Duminagat characterizes the flora and fauna of the Zamboanga biogeographic region. 

The beautiful view of Lake Duminagat

The area that surrounds Lake Duminagat is inhabited by the Subanon people. They believed that the area is a dwelling place of the souls of their ancestors. The Subanon people are rumored to have extra ordinary healing power through their rituals and amulets. They don’t also allow fishing activities in the lake. There are also some tales that the lake is guarded by a fairy that cleans up falling dead leaves from the surrounding trees of mountain tops. 

Dwellings of the friendly Subanon people

Lake Duminagat is a small lake, with an area of 8.04 hectares, maximum depth of 20.95 m, water volume of 933,000 cu m, mean depth of 11.6 m, shoreline length of 1,060 m, and shoreline expansion of 1.054.  The lake maintained a vast diversity of indigenous shoreline fauna and flora.

Hikers clasp the beauty of Lake Duminagat

Lake Duminagat is favorable to mountain climbers as it is near to one of the highest peak of Mt. Malindang, the North Peak. Most of the hikers that visit the lake don’t miss the opportunity on climbing the highest peak of the Zamboanga peninsula. Though the peak doesn't offer a full 360 degree view of Mount Malindang Range but still you’ll enjoy the unique and unspoiled magnificence of the virgin forest.

Every Holy Week, noticeable amount of climbers and devotees visit Lake Duminagat for it is believed that the water from the lake can wash away their sins. This tradition was popular even before the pre-Hispanic times.


  1. Beautiful! It seems like there are some pre-historic reptiles lurking in the bushes and in the depth of the lake.

    Very informative!

  2. Hi Trekker Trail, my dad also told me the story about a spirit 'raking' up all those dead leaves. So I hope I'll get to see this lake very soon. Someone told me that they arrived on Duminagat on habal-habal, via a municipality of Zamboanga (of which I cannot remember the exact location already). I hope that is still possible as it cuts the hiking time significantly, compared if I would take the usual trails.

    Your thoughts?

  3. @ baktin: The nearest route I think is via the Municipality of Piñan, Zamboanga del Norte. That's the nearest I knew.

    I hope this helps.

    1. Yeap.. Municipality of Piñan -> Municipality of Mutia ->Brgy. Alvenda -> Brgy. Mansawan -> Brgy Gandawan -> Lake Duminagat.

  4. lake duminagat is a showcase of beauty,
    i was their for practicum
    and witness the beauty of it.

  5. Subanon pride. yah..

  6. I'm glad you share this quiet adventures of yours. I grew up on the south end far away. when i was a child all i can see that beauty of the mountain. Wen I was elementary grades the lake was not named Duminagat yet, but heard of the story about the lake. Hopefully, before I get old I can mountain(excuse my terminology but i thought it is cute:)) and trek(not the Bike) this peak.

    Not so familiar if there is only one Subanon(dialect) but i have remember this phrase "handa ka pangay" which mean where are you you going?

    BTW, Subanon folks are hard working indigenous natives.

  7. I was here, back early 2000...

  8. He! I'd love to discover lake duminagat and Mount Malindang Range Natural Park, but I'm a trekker travelling alone and would like to have some company or a guide. Can you recommend me someone or a group?



  9. Hey! I'd love to visit lake Duminagat and Mount Malindang Range Natural Park, but I'm travelling alone so I'd like to join somebody or hire a guide. Is this possible? Thanks a lot!




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